What are the 3 ways to do marketing and advertising?

“We can’t have it all…” is what I used to be told when I was a child and they were right:

In life you have to know how to make thoughtful choices, taking into account the positive and negative points that it will have. Marketing is exactly the same.

We can easily identify 3 aspects of ant marketing project:

  1. Quality
  2. Speed
  3. Price
  1. The first aspect is the quality the client expects.  Creating a logo, a tagline, a website, or even planning a cross-platform advertising campaign takes time. To accentuate the line a little, the client will have to choose whether he wants a boat or a yacht and accept that the building time won’t be the same. It’s logic.

  2. The second aspect is the speed of execution the client expects. How important is the delivery time? Making a sandwich takes less time than a full-course dinner. If you are in a hurry and only have 10 minutes to eat you will not go to the restaurant right? On the opposite, if you want to take the time to sympathize with someone or even impress him/her, the fast food at the corner of the street is not the best place.

  3. The third aspect is the price the client expects to spend. We have all seen these DIY videos of people making their own pool or modifying their trucks to make a caravan. in their case, the speed of execution is not the most important and they prefer to save money. On the other hand, I have a friend who went on vacation for 2 weeks and who paid someone to paint all the walls of his house while he was away. For him, the time saved was more important than the amount spent.

This now brings us to the 3 possible choices:

A – Good and Fast

You want good work, but it has to be done quickly? Logically, you will need to spend more money to speed things up. It is very likely that the person who will do your marketing will have to subcontract part of the workload in order to be able to be on time. You should also keep in mind that time is money because if before validating you need to see 10 different versions of logos and slogan, the hours working on your file will be billed.

B – Good and Cheap

You want good work but this time you are in no hurry and you want to spend as little as possible? The person who will do your marketing will be able to work on your file between two other more urgent files. The only downside is like the previous choice: the faster you approve the less you will pay.

C – Fast and Cheap

Do you need something inexpensive and instant? Quick and dirty job, Fast-food marketing… call it whatever you want but be aware that the most important thing here won’t be the quality. It also induces a potential risk of mistakes this is why it is advised to give a little bit of time to the creative to check his work.

If you’re wondering what’s in the center of the visual it’s a utopia, an idealistic but unattainable possibility. In an ideal world, we could build you a solid house in a weekend and at a reduced cost… but you and I know it’s not possible.

To sum up

It is the client who will have to put the cursor on the two aspects that are the most important to him and choose one of the 3 possibilities.

Sometimes a start-up owner may need a temporary logo just to print business cards before going to an event. Just like an accountant may need a beautiful and finalized website in 3 weeks (before tax season). Or the owner of a restaurant plans to add vegan dishes to his menu next year, so in that case, why hurry?

As you understand, none of these 3 choices is bad, they all have pros and cons depending on your needs.