The BIG difference between a blog article and a newsletter

So many times, I read a very well written blog post whose content provides value to the reader and gives a good image of the website that hosts it- but it’s a waste!

Let me explain: Let’s imagine that you have a restaurant in Winnipeg that serve very healthy food, and you’re known in town for it.
Every two weeks you publish a blog post on your website and this month the topic is:

In addition to healthy eating, you should have gentle physical activity throughout the day.

Top 5 gentle physical activities to do every day to keep you healthy!

Sounds great, right? After all, people who take care of what they eat are often take care of their bodies as well. But I can assure you that this article is very unlikely to bring the restaurant any new customers. Why? Because it’s a newsletter article, not a blog article.

Newsletter article versus Blog article

What is the purpose of a Newsletter article?

The purpose of a newsletter article is to maintain contact with your clients and potential clients to make them want to buy your products and services. Readers know you and have agreed to receive your emails.

What is the purpose of a Blog article?

The purpose of a blog article is to be noticed by people who don’t necessarily know you. Indeed, the words and phrases of your articles will be read by Google and indexed on its search engine. A person asks a question in a search engine and your blog is the answer.

That’s why all your blog posts, and your entire website as well, should be made to be understood by search engines (SEO). The search engines can then present them to people who are looking for this kind of service.

How do you know if an article is good for a blog?

All people on the planet who are looking for gentle physical activities to stay healthy might come across this blog, but what are the chances that these people live near this restaurant?

In the same vein, people who are looking for a healthy restaurant will search on Google: “Winnipeg Restaurant Healthy Food”, while the article will be referenced around words such as “How to stay fit?” or “Gentle Physical Activities”.

Pro-Tip 1: Recycle

Your current clients are probably also interested in your blog posts, so why not share those posts in your monthly newsletter in case your clients haven’t read them? It’s a good way to recycle the content!

Pro-Tip 2: But like any rule there are exceptions.

If your business does not depend on local customers and anyone in the world could become a customer, then you can have more freedom in your blog.

To sum it up

When you have an idea for an article, ask yourself if it is for people who know you or for people who will discover you by asking a question on Google.